Monday, June 6, 2011

Dieting makes people fat

People always want the easier way out of things and prefer the shortest and easiest route to completing tasks. The same goes with people who would like to lose weight. Even though they know that to lose weight, one needs to exercise and eat healthily. Knowing this, people still want to find a faster way to lose weight. Most of them have turned to dieting and dieting makes people fat.

The banana diet, the lemon detox diet, both of which are part of a long list of fad diets. They don't work and it's as simple as that. If one were to really commit to one of these diets, the weight loss would only be short term because once they return to their normal diets, their weight will eventually boom up dramatically. If you want to lose weight, dieting is definitely not the way to go because in the end, it will only make you fatter than where you started.

Another reason why people result to dieting is because they "don't have the time to exercise" or are just to lazy to even bother. The reality is that the fat you would like to burn is not going to suddenly disappear while you sit there and munch on your banana, you need to get off you seat and pump those arms and legs if you are trying to cut away any of that fat down. So the bottom line is, dieting makes people fat.

Aside from the whole set diet plan, people even resort to taking pills that will "burn fat" or magically erase the fat from your body. Sorry but not unless the manufacturers possess god-like powers, then none of that fat is going to come off any time soon. These 'pills' that you take are supposed to compliment your diet plan so that at one time, you're eating healthy food and on the other you're still "burning fat" without having to go through the trouble of exercising! Well call me Jesus, HOW AMAZING THAT IS. It sounds just too good to be true and too good to be true it is. Diet pills will never be able to replace exercising and diet plans will never be able to replace eating healthily. So top making yourself fatter by dieting, try eating healthy and put in that commitment to exercise.

Diets do not work. Neither do pills. Long term results? Why don't you try eating healthy and exercising daily because I can guarantee you that dieting will only make you fatter in the long run.

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